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When Mill Woods was on the drawing boards, the planners looked at concepts from around the world in order to design it as a place for people. The central idea was to create distinct neighbourhoods, with centralized schools, and opportunities for a sense of community within the larger suburb. They succeeded.

Today, Mill Woods residents have 10 community leagues that, together with the City's Parks and Recreation Department, provide hundreds of programs all year round. Hockey, soccer and baseball leagues boast membership rosters of up to three qurarters of their community population.

Important Mill Woods facilities have been the direct result of active citizen participation and fund-raising by community organizations. The Mill Woods Cultural And Recreational Facilities Associtation (MCARFA), founded by the Mill Woods Golf Course under a lease from the City of Edmonton. The success the community has had in achieving its goals has been a source of pride to all residents.

The dream of 1970 has been realized. Today, Mill Woods offers friendly, quiet suburban living with all the opportunities of a dynamic urban centre.