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Chelsie Young 2022.jpg

Chelsie has an incredible ability to stop everyone in their tracks once she begins to sing. Her vocal range and control allows her to envelope the listener as she brings them on a journey through her lyrics and emotion.


"Discovered" in 2017 through a viral Facebook video, she has since gone on to perform at Indigenous communities & events across Canada.


Her videos receive millions of views from fans all over the world. Her debut album is set to be released Fall 2022.  In February 2022 her single "Ain't No Man" was showcased on the Indigenous Music Countdown and peaked at #8.

Chelsie gives her time and energy to helping others whenever possible. Whether it be single mothers battling the system, fundraisers for community events or people going through traumatic loss, Missing & Murdered Indigenous Women initiatives, or assisting people with housing needs. She is known as a strong advocate for Indigenous families and uses her voice for others at every opportunity to give back.

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