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Canada Day 2024

Become a Volunteer!

A community league is a volunteer, not-for-profit organization formed to meet the needs and interests of residents within a defined geographic area.  Community leagues are recognized by the City of Edmonton as the primary speaking body for the community. Leagues are part of a network of neighbourhood-based organizations operating under the umbrella of the Edmonton Federation of Community Leagues (EFCL)

Any resident within the boundaries of the community may become a member.  A leagues membership is responsible for electing a board of directors, which is responsible for the overall operation of the league.  A common function of community leagues is to bring neighbours together and typically to undertake the following;

  • provide recreation and social programs such as soccer, basketball, learn-to-skate, family events, movie nights, discussions, etc.

  • develop amenities such as a community hall, rink, playground, community garden and basketball courts

  • represent the community at large on matters of the appropriate order of government and other organizations like traffic issues, new developments, housing, crime prevention, etc.

Mill Woods Presidents Council acts as a unified body with the following community leagues;

What is a community league?

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