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Kameyosek ・ Meyohnohk ・Tipaskin

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The Lakewood community comprises the neighbourhoods of Kameyosek, Meyohnohk and Tipaskin. in the west portion of Mill Woods bounded by 91 Street to the west, 66 Street to the east, 34 Avenue to the north, and 23 Avenue to the south, excluding Mill Woods Park south of 28 Avenue and east of Mill Woods Road.


On January 24th, 1978, a group of 75 citizens formed the Lakewood Community League.  The new community league was guided by the neighbouring Knottwood Community League.  A long-term partnership and model of cooperation was thus formed and in time it was translated into the present day Mil Woods Presidents' Council.   On January 26, 1982, it opened its first hall, which included the Mill Woods Child Development Center.

From its start Lakewood was an active member of the community of Mill woods. It contributed to the creation of the Mill Woods Cultural and Recreational Facility Association (MCARFA). It also worked diligently to establish its own infrastructure. 

Community Hall is located at 5811 – 19 A Avenue, Edmonton, AB, T6L 4J8.   Contact Hall Rentals Coordinator @ 780-240-0129.       

  • Capacity: 125

  • Commercial kitchen

  • Wheelchair accessible

  • Covered deck.

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