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Jackson Heights ・ Kiniski Gardens

The Burnewood community comprises the neighbourhoods of Kiniski Gardens and Jackson Heights in the northeast portion of Mill Woods bounded by 50 Street to the west, 34 Street to the east, Whitemud Drive to the north, and Mill Creek to the south.


When it was founded, in December 1981, the Burnewood Community League was fairly isolated from the City of Edmonton with no adjacent league to rely upon. The early objectives of the community were the establishment of postal and bus services to connect it with the rest of Edmonton.

Because of its isolation, the community had low visibility on the City’s agenda. But soon, thanks to determined efforts by the community, the League soon amazed City of Edmonton officials with its residents’ ability to organize. In time, postal and bus services were established, as was a cooperative car pool for the League residents.

From the start, Burnewood’s residents were a generous lot with contributions to the establishment of the Mill Woods Cultural and Recreational Facility Association (MCARFA), the Mill Woods Recreation Center, and many other projects.


The community continues to grow and mature while offering a number of social and recreational programs for both children and adults.  They also provide advice to seniors on programs or services and offer a community sponsorship program. Visit their website for complete details.

Community hall is located at 4118 – 41 Avenue, Edmonton, AB, T6L 5Y6

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