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Friday March 3rd - Sunday March 12th, 2023

Visit a participating restaurant for a chance to win a $40 gift card by posting a photo on Social Media with the hashtag #MWDINING.  You can also email a photo to


Check out the featured menu item below.

2nd Floor Cafe (MWSA)

2610 Hewes Way NW - MWSA


Pan Con Chicharron with Crispy Roasted Potatoes, and Crema Volteada 


Reinette Café & Pâtisserie

301 Woodvale Rd West


6 pc Assorted Macarons


Tasty World

4347 50 Street

A-Tasty World_edited.jpg

Sweet & Sour Pork + Chicken Fried Rice  Beef Mixed Vegetables + Spring Roll


Cafe Mak

6023 Mill Woods Rd South

Cafe Mak - Burger.jpg

Soup of the Day + Burger + Fries


Royal Pizza

2609-66 Street NW

Royal Pizza - jpg_edited.jpg

2 Basic Topping Pizza 


Woodshed Burgers

2307 Ellwood Drive SW

WSD_gallery_013 .jpg

Classic Burger + Side of Fries


Magma Donair

5513 23 Avenue NW


Chicken or Beef Donair + Fries + Drink


Sweet Castle Bakery

3019 66 St NW

IMG-20230209-WA0007 - Mahsa Tabibiyan.jpg

One Choice of Tart+Egg Salad Sandwich + Brewed Coffee 


Tiffin India's Fresh Kitchen

5135 Ellerslie Road SW

tiffin 1 - Suman K.PNG

Tiffin #1 - 1 item + Rice/Noodle

or 1 Fish Pakora Plate


Sponsored by Councillors Keren Tang from Ward Karhiio and Jo-Anne Wright from Ward Sspomitapi.

Dinign Week Map.png


This project was presented by Daniel Witte as part of the participatory budget program with Keren Tang and Ward Karhiio.  Mill Woods Presidents’ Council was presented with the idea and became the organization that would assist in coordinating the event, using the website and other social media platforms.  As Mill Woods Presidents' Council also represents communities from Ward Sspomitapi, Jo-Anne Wright’s office contributed funds to the project in December 2022.  Four other volunteers joined the planning committee and a date of March 3rd - 12th was chosen.  


The process of deciding what restaurant would be included started with an online survey from December 18th - January 16th for members of the community to nominate a restaurant.  


Our focus was on restaurants, cafes, eating establishments that are;

- only in Mill Woods, The Meadows or Ellerslie.  

- chains local to Edmonton located in Mill Woods, The Meadows or Ellerslie

- chains where the only Edmonton location is in Mill Woods, The Meadows or Ellerslie


A total of 125 people completed the survey and a list of 30 restaurants was developed based on those responses.  All 30 restaurants were approached to be a part of the Greater Mill Woods Dining Week and 9 restaurants decided to participate. These include 2nd Floor Cafe with the Mill Woods Senior Association, Cafe Mak, Magma Donair, Reinette Café & Pâtisserie, Royal Pizza, Sweet Castle Bakery, Tasty World Chinese Restaurant and Tiffin India’s Fresh Kitchen.

We look forward to a fun and successful event supporting local restaurants!

Watch as Daniel explains how to EAT, POST & WIN!


  • Take photos of yourself with your food from a participating restaurant

    • Does not need to be at the restaurant, but can be taken at home or outside.

    • Does not need to be the featured item.

  • Photos can be posted to: facebook, twitter, instagram, or submitted to our email:

  • Captions must include: restaurant name, and #MWDiningWeek

  • Each post from an individual at a participating restaurant will count as an entry into a draw

  • Prizes are: a $40.00 gift card from each of the participating restaurants

  • Two gift cards will be given each day

  • Draws will be done once per day (for the previous day) of the dining week, and the winner will get their choice of remaining gift cards

  • First draw will be on Sunday March 5, 2023

  • If there are less than 2 posts in a day those cards will be awarded in a general draw at the end of the week including all participants

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