Canada Day Sponsorship

MWPC Canada Day Celebration is only made possible through the support of our sponsors.   Our sponsors will:

  • be seen as socially responsible by giving back to the community

  • have the opportunity to be exposed to 50,000+ potential customers before, during and after the event

  • give employees a reason to feel better, work better, and be more invested in the company​

  • differentiate themselves from competitors by connecting to this "feel good" event​

  • ensure the future of the event by providing confidence to organizers that the event is financially sustainable. 

Support doesn't always come in cash.  Sometimes it's donating what we need to deliver the event.

  • Utility Vehicles

  • Pick-up Trucks

  • Box Vans

  • Food & Beverages

  • Fun Zone Children's Activities

  • Tents

  • Generators

  • Light Towers & Event Lighting

In-kind event support is recognized and rewarded just like cash.