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Gordon Lightfoot Tribute @ 7:55pm
Picking Up the Pieces Roster 1x1.png

Gordon Lightfoot is at the epicentre of Canadian folk music and through his career created a monstrous catalog of music revered around the world. When John Hewitt started Second Sunset Productions the first show he wanted to incorporate was Picking up the Pieces: A Tribute to Gordon Lightfoot featuring longtime friend and musical collaborator Benjamin Williams.

Benjamin, after years studying music and guitar in conservatory moved on to the live music scene in Edmonton where he continues to amaze audiences with his unique style, impeccable technique and his notorious love for Canadian icon Gordon Lightfoot. The show which is hosted by John Hewitt covers decades of Lightfoot's work from "Early Morning Rain", "The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald" and "Canadian Railroad Trilogy", "Alberta Bound" and more!

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